DIY Bug Repellent Summer Mason Jar Luminaries


To many of you the word BUG is discussing but it needs to be mentioned due to the damage that insects sometimes cause. Here in this article I will present you one homemade, chemical free of course repellent and I need to say that it works very well, especially in the summer.


As I previously said, in the summer time bugs are going crazy, they attack us and are present among us as much as possible. I am big fan of essential oils and I love their beneficial properties and know, I appreciate them even more because by using citronella oil in Mason jar helped me ward the bugs off.

All you need:

-4 Mason Jars
-40 drops of Cedar wood essential oil
-40 drops of Lavender essential oil
-40 droops of Lemon essential oil
-40 drops of Thieves essential oil
-2 fresh lemons
-2 fresh limes
-8 sprigs of fresh rosemary
-Floating tea light candles

At first slice the lemons and limes and put them aside. Take the 4 jars and place into each one two sprigs of rosemary. Fill each jar after with 3/4 water and add essential oils by your choice, 10 drops to each jar. In the end, place slice of lemon and lime into each jar as well. If they are not filled enough place little more water into. On the top of them you should place the tea light candle put outside and light it.


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