DIY: Coconut Suntan Cream With Protective UV Filter


Did you know that the toxins from the sunbathing creams are absorbed in your skin? Be safe and make yourself a natural suntan cream with protective UV filter.

If you want to avoid the chemicals from the commercial creams for suntan, you will love this home version of a suntan cream with protective factor.

The reasonable quantity of sunlight on your skin is good for your health, but the sooner you realize that too much sunlight is not good for you, the better.

Many of the ingredients in this recipe have a natural protective factor (SPF), but considering this is a natural recipe and isn’t tested by the regulatory organization, it can’t be merchandized as the combined SPF.


Individual ingredients with a natural SPF are:

Coconut oil- SPF 4-6

Shea butter- SPF 4-6

Almond oil- SPF 5

Zinc oxide- 2-20(depends on how much you take)

Red raspberry seed oil- SPF 25-50

Carrot seed essential oil- SPF 35-40

The ability to protect from UV depends on the quantity of every ingredient you use. This suntan cream is a little, but not totally waterproof and you will need to rub it after every bathing or swimming. Be careful not to breathe in the zinc oxide – use mask if necessary. This recipe has 15SPF, even though the more zinc oxide you use the bigger the SPF is. Add more wax to make the mixture thicker, or less to make it more soft. Coconut extract, vanilla or lavender aetheral oils are recommended for aroma. Keep it on cold and fry place – in the fridge.


½ cup of almond oil

¼ cup of coconut oil

2 tablespoons of shea butter

1.4 cup of honey wax

2 tablespoons of zinc oxide (if you can’t find it in the pharmacies, you can find it on

By choice

1 cup approximately red raspberry oil

1 cup approximately carrot seed oil

1 cup approximately vitamin E oil

You will enjoy the smell of the other aetheral oils like vanilla, lavender or other natural extracts

How it’s done:

Put and mix all the ingredients besides zinc oxide in a glassy jar.

Take a pot and pour water in it, heat it on medium heat.

Put a cover on the jar and put it in the pot with water.

As the water turns hotter the ingredients will melt, so mix them from time to time to unite.

When all the ingredients are totally melted add the zinc oxide, mix it well and put the mixture in the jar you will use for keeping it. The little glassy jars are excellent.

Mix it a couple of times while it cools off and make sure the zinc oxide is united with the rest of the ingredients.

Use the cream as any other suntan cream.

It is best to use for six months.

For a simple version, mix coconut oil and shea butter with red raspberry seed or carrot seed oil for a medium exposure to sun.

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