Do Not Dispose: Here Is Why The Corn Silk Is Good For You! – RECIPE


Corn silk is one of those resources that to many sound like “granma’s cure”, well, it is true, cirn silk has long been used as a healing agent, and not only on some places, but it is really helpful for many diseases, and it has no harmful effects.


Fresh corn silk contains essential oils, resin, rubber, an alkaloid that has a feature that restricts blood vessels, chlorophyll, phosphoric acid, and a lot of potassium and manganese. It is all very well, but what does the corn do to your body?

The answer is simple: corn silk, in the form of tea is one of the strongest natural diuretics.

Consumption for several times during 24 hours of this tea, can increase the amount of urine output, without unwanted effects, which is particularly important in those diseases where accumulation of water has an adverse effect on the body.

The corn silk tea reduces cramps of the kidneys, if you use it for a long time it dissolves kidney stones and propels the sand from the kidneys. Plus, by removing larger amounts of urine the body gets rid of excess phosphorus and protein, which significantly reduces rheumatic disorders, problems with gout, which are accompanied with pain in the joints, problems with dropsy, and it rather reduces the swelling in the legs.

One more thing: the water will be extracted and other harmful substances, so regular consumption of this tea improves the work of the liver. Of course, with such a fact implies that it cures urinary tract infection, inflammation of the bladder, eliminates the less excretion of urine and helps with nocturnal enuresis. Due to the diuretic effects, the corn silk tea can help you if you want to lose weight (of course, with proper diet and exercise), because with its help the body rapidly erupts all harmful substances.

The preparation of the tea is simple: one scoop well dried corn silk (if it is not fully dried it loses its effect), pour a cup of hot (not boiling water) over it, leave it for a few minutes and the strain.

Take a tablespoon of the tea, with no sugar, every two to three hours. If you don’t like the taste, it is permissible to put lemon in it. If your problems are much bigger, you can take the tea in larger quantities, you need 25 g of corn silk and a liter of hot water for the tea, which then you can drink when you feel thirsty, instead of water.

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