Do We Even Know What We Eat? Two Ingredients That Are Silently Ruining Our Metabolism


You have probably noticed how some people eat more than you, but don’t accumulate excessive weight? Those are the people whose metabolism works optimally – the food is transformed in energy in their organism, not accumulated as fat.


The American nutritionist Dr Johnny Bauden considers that certain alimentary ingredients destroy our metabolism, which causes the accumulation of fat.

Two ingredients that destroy our metabolism

There are more and more ingredients that contain HFCS (high fructose corn syrup). Dr Bauden thinks that this is an ingredient that causes addiction. The harm isn’t happening right away, because the blood sugar level is growing fast and unnaturally. The body secrets insulin which stimulates the accumulation of fat in the body especially in the abdomen area.

If you have excessive weight and you often need sweets, you are probably addicted on HFCS, says Dr Bauden, but says that there is a way out of this addiction.

The other ingredient that destroys metabolism is the gluten. It is found in the food that contains grain, and to most of us causes gluten sensibility, fat accumulation and blockage in digestion.

The problematic thing is that nowadays we use the types of corn with low growth, a product of genetic manipulation and hybridization that created the short, lasting plants with high crop, which contain a lot more quantity of starch and gluten, more coding of chromosomes and a lot more new types of proteins.

What is the solution?

Dr Bauden believes that the strength of the will isn’t the key factor for success. You will need concrete steps to help you. At the beginning you need to throw away all the ingredients that contain HFCS or gluten. Go to the market and buy fresh food, especially more green leafy vegetables.

It is important to make the new habits of eating every day routine, eat slowly and chew more.

During the week exclude all the ingredients that contain grain, and then slowly start to put them back in the diet and watch how they affect on you. Don’t eat more than three pieces of bread or other bakeries during the day.

While buying be sure to check the list of the ingredients and if you see that in the fruit juice or other product there is HFCS – don’t buy it.

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