Do you Want Ice in your Drink? No, thanks: Bacteria, Sewage and Mold in Ice Cubes!

Do you Want Ice in your Drink? No, thanks: Bacteria, Sewage and Mold in Ice Cubes!

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Ice is the best way to cool off in the hot summer months, but have you ever thought about what it all, in addition to plain water, located in the ice cubes? See what are the three most disgusting things you can find in the ice.


Although each country has laws that set the upper limit of bacteria in the water, microbes though sometimes they can end up in the ice. But seldom happens that this occurs through the water, and more often are responsible for this dirty ice machines. The research deals with the study of ice in restaurants in Las Vegas, found that 72.2 percent of the ice can be found coliform bacteria.

 And if a restaurant has a problem with hygiene ice maker, probably has problems with hygiene in the entire building. However, if you thought that bacteria will easily avoided by going to bypass cafe and make their ice and freezer, we have to disappoint you. Plastic and silicone ice bucket used repeatedly over time also accumulate bacteria. The good news is that these microbes, although they sound bad, are usually not dangerous.

2) Mold

Scientists say the ice is usually contaminated with mold. It is often found in the ice machine in bars, but very often there in home freezers. True, extremely low temperatures hinder the formation and spread of mold, but the problem arises when the freezer is left OFF longer or shorter period of time.

 This mainly represents a problem for people who have cottages. In such houses, refrigerators and freezers often and spend several months off, and when the owners come back again, usually only include appliances, and to them previously not wash. If you do, rest assured that in the freezer and ice have mold. That’s why scientists are advised to freezers and icemakers thoroughly cleaned several times a year. Mildew, although not dangerous, can lead to unpleasant reactions if consumed regularly.

3) What you have in your hands


If you take the hands of the ice from the container and put it in your drink, you are automatically put into the drink all that microscopic dirt that is on the hands of every man. Probably not remember to wash your hands before every meal, but do not remember to wash them thoroughly before pouring the ice?While this may seem irrelevant, scientists warn that irregular hand washing may be exempted dangerous and even fatal. Proof of this is tragic fifteen-year-old boy from Arizona who died in 2006 from contaminated ice. Later analysis confirmed that his death could have been prevented simply by washing hands.

Chicago Sun Times” is the 2007th year found that about 20 percent of hotels and restaurants in this American city offers ice that is contaminated feces. Specifically, if the waiter did not wash your hands, you will not be observed, nothing but the dirt will end up in your body. The same goes for home use ice feces are often found in cubes because of irregular hand washing. And, while the previous two items were relatively harmless dirt with a hand that you can seriously endanger your health


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