Doctors Surprised: Miraculous Drink That Lowers The Level of Bad Cholesterol In The Blood!


Besides lowering the level of bad fat in the body, this magical drink cleans your organism from toxins and enhances the circulation.

Parsley is used in everyday meals as a food complement for taste enhancing, but it’s also really good for our health.


Parsley contains two special components, very important for our health – natural ethereal oil and flavonoids. Besides that, it’s full of vitamin C, K, A so it’s recommended to increase the quantity of parsley you take during the season of flu and cold.

Also, parsley’s leafs is known as a remarkable tool for boosting the organism in toxin excretion and better circulation.

But if we add lemon, water and a little sodium bicarbonate to the parsley, we get a miraculous drink that lowers the level of bad cholesterol in our blood!


1,5 l water

3 strands of parsley

1kg lemons

Sodium bicarbonate

How it’s done:

Rub the lemon thoroughly with sodium bicarbonate to clean it well. It’s best if you use organic lemon. Boil the water and let it cool. Cut the lemon into slices, and the parsley into little pieces and add the water. Close this mixture and put it in the fridge for one day. In the end mix it with a blender and put it in a glass jar or bottle.

Drink 100 ml a day and you won’t believe the speed of lowering cholesterol.

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