Don’t Ever Re-Heat These Foods! You Will Poison Yourself!


Did it ever happened to you to make a full pot of some stew, like spinach or mushroom stew, and of course because you didn’t eat all of it, left it for the next day? So, the next day you re-heat it unaware of what can happen to you. Here’s why you shouldn’t that.

All of us make food for several days and then re-heat them. But, some of the ingredients change their composition and lose their nutritive properties, even become toxic. There are the ingredients:



It is best to eat the mushrooms right after their preparation and if you leave them for tomorrow, it is best to eat them cold. This goes for all the meals with mushrooms, like soups, stews, rice with mushrooms. When re-heating the mushrooms, there is a change in their protein composition, even a change in the taste. Then they can cause digestive problems and they also lose their health benefits.


The same as he mushrooms. While re-heating the chicken there are changes in the protein composition. Because of this it is advised to not heat the chicken on high temperatures, especially a chicken meat, it contains more proteins than the red meat.


The potatoes have high nutrition levels and they should not be re-heated at all, because that way they lose all their benefits, they even become poisonous. Eat them right after preparation or even cold – when the percentage of starch is the highest. If you prepare meals for more days, cook the potatoes separately.


The spinach is an ingredient with high percentage of nitrate, which by re-heating becomes nitrites. They are potentially cancer-causing for our organism. That is why it is recommended to eat the spinach fresh, or right after preparation.


As well as the spinach, the beet contains nitrates which by re-heating become very dangerous. This doesn’t mean that you can not eat this the next day, you just need to eat it cold.


Celery, which is mostly used for soups, must be taken out with the carrot for re-heating the soup, and eat it fresh. It also contains nitrates. You can re-heat the soup if you have taken out the celery and carrot.


The eggs are also high- risk ingredients that become toxic because of the repeated exposure to high temperatures. This doesn’t count for the eggs mixed in sauces, like béchamel, but for the cooked eggs, like boiled or fried.

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