Dr. Budwig Puts End To The Cancer In 3 to 6 Months


The regulations provided by Dr. Budwig can remove tumors after 3 months treatment, thanks to a special recipe with only two ingredients!


Dr. Budwig is one of the professionals who believe that cancer can be fought only by natural means that lacks the body. According to Johanna Budwig, lack of certain things can be fatal and therefore leads to death.

The recipe that Dr. Budwig has used against cancer, includes cheese / cottage cheese and linseed oil. For that, salvation is the consumption of foods that contain these ingredients. To achieve the objective they should be taken together.

Mix 120 grams of cottage cheese with 45 of linseed oil, to achieve a thick paste. The whole mixture is drunk at once and the next day you prepare again. This continues for at least 6 months, but even after the third month tumor begins to narrow and destruction of the cancer progresses.

” If you consume a mixture of cottage cheese or cheese and linseed oil, you will feel successful cancer treatment. On this way are procured lipoproteins and phosphatides that are vitally meaning in the presence of the disease. If they are in the body, the tumor   can not be increased, on the contrary – is narrowing. “- Said Dr. Budwig.

Between 3 and 6 months were needed to patients of Dr. Johanna Budwig to fight cancer. They drank of this mixture every day and so, their immune system is intensify repeatedly. The energy gained from the combination between cottage cheese / cheese and linseed oil, managed to shrink the tumor to its complete disappearance.

“Basically people are decently skeptical when it comes to treating cancer, because many people suffering, and generally it is the most deadly disease. I started to use the recipe of Dr. Budwig and I’m still alive. “- Says 66-year-old woman.

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