Drink that Refreshes and Beautifies: Lemonade in a slightly Different Way!


Do your skin a favor and daily Sip large amounts of lemonade that will regenerate your body.Vitamin C helps in the regeneration of the skin, is essential for the production of collagen and provides elasticity faces. Back skin glow and radiant look and are thus products and capsules with vitamin C a big hit among women who only want the best for your skin.


However, vitamin C, which is the first aid for each skin can be used differently, or you can enter it directly into the body.

We bring you the recipe for a fantastic drink for which your skin will look radiant and that will help the body to expel toxins from metabolism.

This drink is tasty and easy to prepare and – very cheap!


– Juice of 3 lemons

– A handful of mint leaves

– A liter and a half of water

– A few slices of lemon

Mix everything well and leave in the fridge to cool. Remove from the refrigerator and Sip throughout the day!

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