How To Dwtox Your Liver And Pancreas Naturally


The liver has over 400 functions in the organism. It processes everything that gets in the organism and removes everything that isn’t needed.


It is crucial to consume foods that can be useful, rather than foods that has to be filtered because the liver considers them as harmful.

Consuming diet rich with fresh, plant-based foods is ideal way to maintain your liver clean and healthy. Also, other ingredients can assist you to cleanse your liver from toxic build up.

The pancreas is very important for the digestion and generation of enzymes. The poisoned or inflamed pancreas is unable to digest the food properly. You should know how to protect your pancreas.


-350 ml of water
-5 tablespoons of oats


-wash the oats well

-put them in a 1.5 glass of boiling water and leave the mixture to stay during the night, at least 12 hours

-drain the water

-consume 1 glass every morning and night on empty stomach. You should consume it while it is warm

-this remedy should be consumed for a whole year

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