Each Blood Type Has Its Special Tea


Meals according to blood type facilitate weight loss, strengthen the immune system and contribute to the health in any way. The basic setting of this menu is that the blood group emerged at different times of human prehistory and the human organism is destined for different types of food, but also for specific problems.


Blood type 0

People with this blood type should avoid milk, beans and gluten. They handle stress well, but the stomach acid can be a problem if they don’t pay attention to diet. They should drink tea of ginger, ginseng. Instead of coffee, the green tea would suit them better, especially Japanese Sencha tea. Parsley, hops, bark elm, mulberry leaf tea and lime, dandelion and min are good for them.

Blood type A

These people are very emotional and analytical. They are very prone to stress and have high levels of cortisol. However, coffee does not bother them and of teas, they should drink only herbal teas. They should enrich their diet with more fruits and vegetable(less meat) and solve stress with yoga and meditation. Green tea, jasmine, yarrow, thyme and marigold are good for them. For better functioning of the organism may help hawthorn, pomegranate, ginger and St John’s wort.

Blood type B

People with blood type B tend to have a slower metabolism, prone to autoimmune diseases, weight gain, lethargy, chronic fatiqueness and insomnia. They have strong digestion, but must take care of bacteria, especially E. Coli. For them, the green tea, elder, sage and lemon balm. Parsley, licorice, mint, birch leaf, St John’s wort, dandelion, yarrow, thyme, thistle, lemon leaf, leaf clover will also suit them very well.

Blood type AB

People in this group are intuitive and resistant to stress. They should be committed to finding the right kind of green tea and other related species: peppermint, peony, sandalwood and rice based beverages. A mixture of nettle and peppermint is especially good for men. The hawthorn will help them, burdock, ginger, strawberry leaf, chamomile, pomegranate and licorice.

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