Ecological And Cheap – An Effective Device Against Mosquitos That We All Have at Home



Be eco-aware and economical, so instead of various chemical devices, use old coffee in the fight against the boring mosquitos.

Besides being used for composting, fertilizing of the plants and exfoliating the skin, the dried coffee seeds or the minced coffee is super effective as a device against mosquitos, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The mosquitos and other insects are completely rejected by the smell of a burned coffee. Here’s how to do that.

The coffee seeds are better, but you can also use plain coffee.

Gather the coffee and put it in a dish, then cover it with an aluminium foil. Keep it in cold, dry place until it dries completely.

Put the foil and the dried coffee on a dish on a flat surface – like the table in an open space. Be sure there are no pets or children near.

Burn the coffee with a lighter or matches, until it begins to smoke.

The coffee will start to burn and it will chase away the mosquitos.

You can form the coffee in length. Burn it and it will burn slowly and be more effective.

This simple trick works great.

Here are some more advices from our readers:

Put fresh laurel leafs instead of electronic pills against mosquitos. It is worth to try.

The coffee burning, besides the above mentioned, can be used against ants. Just pour from the coffee on the spot where the ants are and the problem is solved.

It is Worth to Try!

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