Effective Folk Remedy Against Back Pain


Take a hand (blue) clay and knead it like a dough with a little vinegar. If the acid is strong, then dilute it with water. Add fresh harvested nettle tops to this dough, which must be previously grinded or finely chopped. When the mixture is ready, pour it into a plastic foil and cloth.


Coat the sore spot with olive oil and pour the coating. Repeat this for seven days and the pain will disappear.

People have known about the healing properties of the clay from a long time ago, you can notice in the nature how even the animals bury the sick part in a clay soil.

Nowadays the healing properties of the clay are recognized in the medicine, because it is known to contain many minerals and trace elements, aluminum, potassium, silicon, calcium, sodium, iron, silver, magnesium, copper and sinker.

The clay helps in healing wounds, eliminate impurities from the body, blood and lymph.

Clay helps in many diseases, anemia, disorders in the airways, atherosclerosis, intestinal diseases, poisonings, ulcers, increased stomach acid, skin changes, hair loss, painful menstruation and it can also be consumed if you don’t have a specific illness, for cleaning and raising energy.

Clay as coating: mix the powder clay with distilled water, make a thick paste to apply on the sore spot. It is important to note that the clay can’t be prepared with a metal spoon or in a metal container.

If you have a problem with the knees or spine, be persistent. Besides the “drawing” of the pain, the clay has the amazing power to restore cartilage. In that case you have to be patient and apply the clay for several months.

Clay for drinking: one teaspoon (plastic or wooden) of a clay in powder, mix in a glass with 150 ml of water. Leave overnight.

You should always drink the clay in the morning, on an empty stomach. The first week you drink only the water, without the sediment. The second week start stirring the sediment, leave it a little to stay, then drink the water without the half of the sediment. The third week stir the sediment and the water and drink immediately the entire content.

You will notice the beneficial effects right away, and those who don’t have any symptoms, will notice their skin will become cleaner and they’ll have more energy.

The clay doesn’t leave any residue in the body or the intestines, and sometimes, of suffering from typhus, dysentery or various infections, they can be treated with drinking clay solution. You can buy the clay in a pharmacy or healthy food stores in two forms: for drinking or for external use.

Face mask: mix 2-3 plastic or wooden spoons of the clay in powder with a few drops of lemon juice and carbonated mineral water to get homogenized mixture. You can add almond, St John’s wort or olive oil.

Clay calms skin inflammation, cures acne, enhances the formation of collagen and elastin, rejuvenates and refreshed the skin.

The effect is greater if it is consumed both orally and topically.

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