Effective Natural Cure Against Sinus Inflammation


Sinusitis is followed with headache or tension at the point of the nose, above the brows or cheeks and to many of us the classic pain killers don’t help. Instead of taking pills, try a natural solution.


A great fighter against the sinusitis is the horseradish. The horseradish should be grinded, put in a jar and pour wine vinegar over it, then close it well. Keep the mixture for 10 days in room temperature with occasional mixing.

After 10 days, open the jar several times a day and deeply inhale the smell of the horseradish for 5 minutes. Pour the same mixture on a cloth and tie it on your forehead during the night.

Having in mind that it takes longer time to make this mixture, you need to have it prepared in case of inflammation.

One of the other solutions is to grind 50g of horseradish, put it in 5dl of water and boil it. Use this mixture for inhalation. Put your head over the pot that boiled the mixture and inhale deeply for couple of minutes.

Before using any of the natural remedies don’t forget to consult a doctor.

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