Effective Trick For Smooth Heels

Effective Trick For Smooth Heels

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Every woman wants to have beautiful and groomed feet, soft and gentle toes that will not tear the nylon stockings. Dry and cracked heels, especially in the summer when we go bare foot, can make you feel uncomfortable.


But you should know that this problem can be solved very easily with ordinary baking soda, which has antiseptic properties that reduce water hardness and has a calming effect on the toe skin.

The sodium bicarbonate is cheap and highly effective tool which can achieve the effect of smooth and soft feet without going to expensive beauty salons.

In order to soften rough skin on the heels and restore the beautiful and attractive look on your feet, you will need to apply the following simple recipe:

3 tablespoons of baking soda

4-5l water

Heat the water to be warm then dissolve the baking soda in it. Keep your feet in this bath for 15-20 minutes.

Then, when the hard skin becomes soft, take your foot grater or a special stone, then nicely rub and remove the dead skin. Rinse and wipe your feet. Apply vaseline and cotton sock.

For better results, do this every evening before going to bed and leave the socks on over the night.

You will notice positive change immediately after the first treatment.

Repeat this treatment every day five to seven days. Then make a brake for one week and repeat the procedure again. The whole treatment should be repeated three times.

You will get soft and smooth feet.

Tip: in addition to the baking soda, you can add a tablespoon of salt and a little liquid soap. These additional ingredients will help to wash the dirt away from the cracked heels. Also, you can enrich your toe bath with chamomile tea.

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