The Epsom Salt and Apple Cider Vinegar Foot Bath Recipe – That Reverses Foot Pain in 20 Minutes


The stressful and dynamic tempo of life nowadays contributes to several health problems that should not be ignored.

Besides anxiety and exhaustion, feet pain is also one of those issues that are the result of life nowadays. This issue happens often and can become a serious problem.


A simple placing of your feet on the ground can lead to a severe pain and discomfort, frequently quite intense. According to some people, this pain is mostly felt in the toes, as well as in the foot’s arch. This condition usually occurs in periods of switching seasonal footwear.

If you change the wearing of the boots with wearing sandals, you can cause trauma to the feet and pain is one of the symptoms. Sometimes, you need to exercise before you walk and even though this won’t treat the problem in total, it will give you a sense of relief and comfort. Nevertheless, nature has got a cure for everything. Some of the helpful ingredients you can use to treat this problem are Epsom salt and apple cider vinegar. These remedies are very cheap and bring huge benefits. The Truth About Epsom Salt and Apple Cider Vinegar Foot Bath Before you start with the treatment, you should know couple of things about the ingredients first:

1. Hot Water

Hot water acts as a natural pain reducer and many ancient people have used it for this purpose. Even tuberculosis and arthritis have been treated with soaking in hot water. Hot water is efficient as it provides relaxation to the bones and muscles and it reduces the stress considerably. Moreover, it triggers the blood flow which additionally contributes to better foot movement.

In addition, hot water is able to make the joints stronger and to soothe them at the same time. Is also gives them additional mobility and flexibility while walking. Nevertheless, you should also know that warm water is always a better alternative than hot water, as it prevents skin irritation and damage. If you want to treat your feet, you should keep them soaked in water under 39 C or 102 D. If the water is too hot, it may contribute to a fast heartbeat, meaning that you should make sure that you set the temperature right. While you soak your feet, make sure that you move your toes as much as you can, so that you boost their agility and movement.

2. Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is highly beneficial substance for the overall health, as it is rich in minerals, including magnesium.

Epsom salt can help the body relax and loosen up, meaning that it is good for neutralizing the body toxins in an easy way. Epsom salt is also abundant in sulfates, and when these sulfates are combined with magnesium, they provide your body with a lot of positive effects, such as:

– Improved blood circulation, improved work of the heart, and balanced heartbeat. Moreover, these ingredients help in the regulation of the levels of blood pressure.
– This combination also improves the operation of the nervous system and the balance of the electrolytes performance. Moreover, it regulates the levels of calcium, making the electrolytes content in order

– It improves the usage of body insulin and it reduces the risk of diabetes development

– It eliminates chemicals and toxins from the body and relieves muscle cramps by helping the body fight off harmful substances

– It prevents inflammation cramping, pain, and soreness

– It alleviates stress and it reduces the levels of adrenaline, thanks to the sufficient levels of magnesium inside the body. magnesium produces a lot of serotonin, a compound that improves the mood. All this contributes to improved and boosted function of the brain

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

This is an amazing ingredient that has numerous health purposes, one of them being the healing of the feet. Apple cider vinegar has powerful anti-fungal properties and it moisturizes the feet and the skin in general. Furthermore, apple cider vinegar is able to neutralize the unpleasant odor of the feet and to soften them and prevent cracking and skin damage.

You can exfoliate your feet using apple cider vinegar and thus restore your health. The Foot Bath Recipe


-Half a gallon of lukewarm water
-Half a cup of Epsom salt
-Two cups of apple cider vinegar


Take a tub or a big basin and pour all ingredients into it, mixing them well. Then, soak your feet in the solution. Keep your feet soaked there until the water cools off. Do this treatment on a daily basis, for seven days.


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