Every day she drank a glass of hot warm water with honey and lemon. Here’s what happened after a year!?


People are accustomed to go to the pharmacy and buy all kinds of medicines and powders to help fight against immunity fall.


She squeezed juice from half a lemon and put a teaspoon of honey in a glass of warm water.

Why this helped?

According to researches published on thehealtsite.com and Underground Health, there are at least ten useful and healing effects from drinking a glass of warm water with honey and lemon every morning:


-It works anti microbial

-it heals cough and cold

-improves immunity

cleans the body from toxins

-fastens metabolism

-helps in chronic obstipation

-neutralizes gastric acids

-calms the nerves

-reduces bad breath

-makes the skin look younger and makes it more elastic

Some people claim that these medicines help them when they catch cold, while others are skeptic when it comes to their chemical constitution.

Of course that drinking a glass of warm water with honey and lemon is something that doesn’t occur to mind in treatment, but Christal Davis (Elephant Journal) wanted to convey an experiment and decided to stick to this habit for 12 months.

Here’s what happened:

1.She didn’t catch a cold, or get a flu nor any kind of gastric illness

Previously she had weaker immunity, was apt to catching cold, whether it was cough, sneezing or runny nose. After she started drinking warm water with lemon and honey, these problems became past.

2.She didn’t need coffee for energetic start of the day

Headaches after not drinking coffee in the morning became past. Her organism succeeded to completely release from caffeine addiction and Christal had more energy for achieving every day activities.

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