Fatique, Appetite, Often Urinating…Watch Out: 7 Signs That Show Diabetes



If it isn’t cured, the diabetes can have serious consequences, so if you notice some of these symptoms you should see a doctor. Better to check.

  1. Too much thirst

One of the most visible and well known signs of diabetes is if you are unusually too much thirsty. The thirst can show from two reasons, but the result is the same: you need to drink more liquids than usual. So, if you have this symptom, visit the doctor and check.

  1. Often urinating

If you drink more liquids than usual you will go to the bathroom more often. This is one of the classic signs you might have diabetes. You will even wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. If this happens too often, you know what you need to do – do blood tests and go see a doctor!

  1. Fatique

There are several more symptoms that aren’t so evident, but can be a sign of diabetes. One of them is the tiredness, but of course there are also many other reasons why someone can feel too tired, which is why you need to visit the doctor.

  1. Fungus

Another possible symptom of diabetes is the fungus infection in the genital area. The infection can also be caused by other reasons, but in case it’s because of the diabetes it’s because of the excessive sugar that they feed on. If you have fungus more than three to four times a year, it can be a sign of diabetes.

  1. Sight problems

The diabetes also causes sight problems, also because of the high blood sugar levels, as well as the eye drying and bad sight. The diabetes can even lead to sight loss, which makes it very important to be diagnosed and followed. If it is diagnosed, you must regularly do retina scan that will show any kind of change.

  1. Slow wound recovery

Have you cut yourself recently and noticed that the wound doesn’t recover at all? This can also be a sign of diabetes, so visit the doctor if you have noticed this symptom. The people that have diabetes are apt to infections, because their immune system is at low level because of the high sugar blood levels.

  1. Big appetite

At the end, one more possible symptom is the risen appetite. Just like the other symptoms his can be also a result of other reasons (like enhanced activity of the thyroid gland), but if you notice that you have a big desire for food go see a doctor and check your condition.

Don’t ever ignore the changes in your organism and go to the doctor. With early diagnose of the illness you can stop a serious damage of your immune system and regulate the levels of sugar in your blood, which can be checked with a simple test of the blood or the urine.

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