Find Out Why You Gain Fat And How To Get Rid Of It


According to the scientists, there are six types of obesity caused by various factors.

Select the group you belong to and solve the problem yourself:

Find out why you gain fat and how to get rid of it

  1. Fattening from food

This type of obesity is most prevalent. It occurs when there is excessive food intake and sugars. To solve this problem, reduce eating and exercise at least 30 minutes a day.

  1. Obesity “nervous stomach”

This type of obesity is caused by anxiety, stress and depression. People that have it, often practice eating sweet meals. Start with physical activities to get rid of the stress.

  1. Gluten obesity

This obesity is mainly found in females in adolescence, menopause and hormonal imbalance. It is important to avoid long sitting, smoking and alcohol.

  1. Atherogenic metabolic obesity

People with stomach inflated like a balloon, accumulate the fat in this part of the body. These are often people that consume alcohol or have trouble with breathing.

  1. Obesity legs

This is a genetic hereditary obesity. It occurs during pregnancy and the solution is playing sports again or running, or climbing stairs.

  1. Obesity of inactivity

A type of obesity that affects the body parts that were previously very active, i.e. there have been activities and exercises made on them. To eliminate these fats, take more healthy food.

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