Fitness Plan For Lazy Girls

Fitness Plan For Lazy Girls

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You missed your training because of your favorite soap opera? Don’t feel guilty, you can work-out in front of the TV screen too…

The experts for healthy life – nutritionist Heer Bauer, dietician Tania Kukerbrot and the trainer Brook Maron have come up with 11 ways of how to burn calories, and not miss a second of your favorite soap operas. We must admit that we like this idea, but anyway this cannot be a substitute for your usual workout. This is about a great S.O.S program for the days when you are too lazy to go to the gym.


1.Jump rope in four series of two minutes (111 calories)

2.Run the stairs in your building while the TV commercials are on (42 calories)

3.Stand in front of the couch and make squats until your back almost touches the couch. Keep this position for one minute and repeat this for four times (80 calories)

4.Lay down and pull your legs up for 5 minutes (50 calories)

5.Make circles with your  hands in three series for one minute (20 calories)

6.Go to the toilet, urinate without sitting on the pan and come back (30 calories)

7.Take two weights of 1kg or two tin cans, put your hands behind your head so that the elbows are in the height of your ears and raise one weight or tin can. Make three sets of one minute to strengthen your triceps. (17 calories)

8.Sit on an exercise ball and do abs for one minute. Repeat this 4 times (50 calories)

9.If you don’t like this idea, move your torso muscles while sitting on the exercise ball for one hour (38 calories)

10.Lay down in front of the TV, raise your body with your hands up and keep this position for one minute. Repeat this two times (35 calories)

11.Lay down on the couch so that your back is on the pillows, and your legs on right angle with your waist. Move your torso towards the legs and relax. Keep doing this until the TV commercials are on. (30 calories)

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