Fix Your Forward Neck Posture With These Easy Stretches ( Video )


We spend most of our days lean forward cooking and washing dishes, over our computers and phones and generally just continue aging. By doing so we develop this forward head look that’s not only unpleasant but is much possibly hurtful to our health.


In older people the neck can distort so much, resulting in unbearable pain, which makes maintaining the head in an upright position very difficult.

Therefore at some age it is necessary to start with some exercises that will return your neck in a natural position.

Dr. Paula Moore, a chiropractor in her video clip is explaining the causes and consequences of forward neck posture, and most importantly gives practical advice about what to do.

All you have to do is a single movement, but pay attention to all the details. Stand straight, but relaxed, in a position that you feel natural. Then lift your head up, pull the chin towards your chest and move your neck and head easily to the back so that your ears are on the same level with the shoulders.

Fixing your forward neck posture could prevent serious chronic pain or illness, therefore give this simple exercise a try even if your neck hasn’t started sticking out in that position yet.

Take a look at Dr. Paula Moore video for detail explanation:

Source: Dr Paula Moore

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