Fluorine in Water Harms The Thyroid Gland!

Fluorine in Water Harms The Thyroid Gland!

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As the scientists claim, putting on weight and raising depression that are caused by hypothyroidism that is connected with the large quantities of fluorine in the water we drink.

A recent study published by Daily Mail showed that fluorine on water above the permitted level is connected with 30% of the most common cases of hypothyroidism in England.

This discovery has made scientists to seek for revision in politics of public health, which nowadays is promoting the fluoridated water in order to protect the dental hygiene in the country. Fluorine is a mineral that is contained in the water and in some food, like tea or fish. The main gain is lowering the risk for cavity. As a result it is added in many brands of toothpastes in the world, and in some areas in the drinking water.


But, scientists from Kent University warn that the fluorine in water may be guilty for the hypothyroidism.

In England, around 10% of the population lives in areas with naturally or artificial fluoridated water with 1mg of fluorine in 1l of water. Scientists made a survey on the fluorine levels in water made in 2012 by the Inspectorate for drinking water. They investigated these fluorine levels together with hypothyroidism registered in 7935 from overall 8020 doctor’s offices.

After they’ve taken in consideration many factors like female sex and older years, scientists determined among the frequency of cases and the quantity of fluorine in drinking water. In the areas with a quantity of more than 0,7 mg a liter they discovered higher frequency of stricken people than in the zones in which the fluorine level is lower.

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