Food That Protects Against Breast Cancer and Relieves PMS

Food That Protects Against Breast Cancer and Relieves PMS

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Eggs are rich with iron, which improves mood and reduce the risk of breast cancer. In addition, they help in maintaining pregnancy, and are good for them that hold diet.

Whether you cook them as scrambled eggs, omelettes eggs are good. One egg contains only 72 calories and is an excellent alternative for meat because it is rich with protein and has few carbohydrates, so it is recommended for anyone who trying to lose weight.


It is best to eat the eggs for breakfast-many studies have  revealed  that those who regularly eat eggs for breakfast  easier skinny than those who begin their day with carbohydrates. However, the eggs should be eaten in  moderate amounts.

In addition to helping with weight loss, eggs are good for these problems also.

1) Relieves the symptoms of PMS

Changes in mood and depressive behavior during PMS eggs successfully mitigated. Because these symptoms are associated with iron deficiency, iron egg effectively  act to improve mood.


The survey, which was conducted on 3,000 women found that women who eat foods rich in choline have a 24 percent lower risk of developing breast cancer.


Eggs are good for pregnant women. Egg yolk is rich with choline, which helps in the growth and development. In addition, studies have found that regular consumption of eggs reduces the risk of birth defects. In addition to choline, in eggs has iron and folic acid. However, be careful when preparing – eggs are supposed to be hard-boiled or fried well.

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