Here Is How the Frankincense Essential Oil Relieves Stress, Promotes Oral Health, Reduces Bladder Cancer and more


Frankincense essential oil has an aroma which is fruity, spicy, woody and earthy. This oil has a number of uses and as much health benefits and it is used in a number of health remedies, fragrances and cosmetics.


This oil is an extract from the resin of Boswellia trees and they can be found in Ethiopia, Oman, Yemen and Somalia. A few days after the white sap is obtained from the tree, it becomes harder and is scraped off into tiny pieces.

Frankincense oil which is high quality is clear and silver and has a green tint. The varieties which are of lower quality are of a brownish-yellow color.

Nowadays, this oil is used for reducing anxiety and stress, inflammation and pain, for boosting immunity and for fighting cancer.

Benefits and Uses

Reduces Bladder Cancer and Boosts the Immune System
According to a study from 2009, this oil can make a difference between the cancerous cells and the healthy cells. Moreover, it has the ability to inhibit the viability of cancer cells. Another study discovered that this oil has a number of mechanism which lead to death of the cancer cells.

Another study from 2002 discovered that frankincense possesses immune modulatory, anti-inflammatory and anti-leukotriene properties, which can be beneficial for treating autoimmune diseases. As stated in another study, this oil has decongestant, expectorant and antiseptic properties which improve the immune system.

Improves Oral Health

This oil has antiseptic properties and they can prevent toothaches, mouth sores, bad breath, cavities, gingivitis and similar oral infections.

Stimulates Digestion and It is Anti-inflammatory

This oil can be used for body detox, relieving nausea, reducing stomach cramps, reducing bloating and reducing premenstrual pain. According to one study from 2013 this oil has anti-diarrheal, anti-ulcer and wound healing properties and it is effective for the treatment of Ulcerative Colitis.

This oil also has anti-inflammatory properties which decrease inflammation and the symptoms of IBS and a number of inflammatory disorders like bronchial asthma, Crohn’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

Relieves Stress

Frankincense oil is able to reduce anxiety and stress when inhaled. This oil reduces high blood pressure and reduces the heart rate.

Anti-aging and Skin Health

Frankincense improves tone and elasticity and at the same time soothes the skin. It possesses antiseptic properties which fight acne and bacteria and at the same time they revive the skin and stop aging.

Natural Sleep Aid

This oil can naturally help you fall asleep and remain asleep. This oil has natural and calming scent which will help you fall asleep and this oil does not have any negative side effects.

Use This Oil in This Way

You can use this oil as a cleaner for your home. Just add a couple of drops into a spray bottle filled with water and use it for cleaning. It kills germs and bacteria.

You can also add this oil to your bath and it can reduce stress and help you fall asleep faster. If you are scarce of time, you can massage your aching muscles with frankincense oil.

You can also add some frankincense to your lotion and apply it on the stretch marks or similar problematic areas.

You can also diffuse frankincense into your bedroom.

Side Effects of Frankincense Oil

Rarely, this oil has been related to hyperacidity, nausea, stomach pain, skin rashes, and digestive distress.

This oil may also lead to abnormal bleeding in people who are on anticoagulant medications.

This oil can increase or stimulate menstrual flow, thereby nursing and pregnant women should avoid it.

If you plan on giving this oil to children under the age of 6, consult a doctor prior to that.


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