Fruity Yoghurt And Ginger Powerful Combination That Melts The Fat And Cellulite



A simple recipe for a refreshing and tasty drink that is ideal for a snack, breakfast or dinner.

The ingredients for this drink are the following:

Yoghurt – because it affects the fat perfectly and regulates the metabolism, contains good bacteria that help the digestive system

Blueberries, strawberries, brambleberries, raspberry, gooseberries – they are all very powerful antioxidants full of vitamin C that boosts the production of collagen, takes care of the skin and keeps the immunity.

Ginger – because it boosts the circulation and rejuvenates the skin, eases the cramps, reduces the muscle pain.

Banana – because it contains large quantities of potassium which regulates the keeping of excessive water in our body that enlarges the effect of the cellulite on the skin surface.


This drink is made by putting all the ingredients in a blender. You can add ice cubes for bigger refreshment.

Advice: because of the strong taste of the ginger, you should not exaggerate, a piece big as your nail is enough. You can add fresh leafs of menthol or a little cinnamon and honey. The almonds are also a great choice. Don’t make too much for leftovers. Take every drink fresh made.

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