Genius Trick: 40 Seconds Only For A Fresh Watermelon Juice


Watermelon juice is the perfect refreshing drink for these hot summer days. But did you know that a thick smoothie can be done directly in the watermelon? Here we bring you a genius trick for which you need just 40 seconds.

Genius Trick 40 Seconds Only For A Fresh Watermelon Juice

You will need:

-a small watermelon



-a piece of cardboard or plastic



  1. Cool the watermelon well, peel it and lay it on cutting board or plate
  2. Mark a spot on the top of the watermelon line or circle, which must be wide enough for the mixer to pass through it.
  3. Cut the marked piece and scoop a little inside the watermelon
  4. Put the beater and start to mix the inside of the watermelon
  5. Place a roll of plastic in the hole until you get the funnel
  6. Pour the thick watermelon juice into glasses and enjoy the summer refreshment


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