Get Flat Belly With Only One Exercise -“Plank” (Video)


“Plank” is one of the most popular and the most effective exercise all over the world. It activates not only the stomach muscles, but all the muscles in the body. Spare only 5 minutes a day for doing plank and you will be surprised by the results.

The essence of this exercise is that you need to flow at least once a day above the floor for a couple of minutes leaning only your hands and legs. Being in this position is not easy at all – even for 2 minutes. By doing it many muscles are activated. As a result, you will get strong back, tight glutes with no cellulite, firm legs, flat belly and nice hands.


How to do the plank exercise

Plank is a static exercise. There are no movements, which makes holding your body firm the most important thing to do.

Lay on the floor on your belly. Bend your hands in a 90 degrees angle and lean on your elbows. The body should be in firm line from head to toes. Lean only on the elbows and toe fingers. The elbows should be right under the shoulders. Keep your body as firm as you can, squeeze your stomach muscles and don’t relax. Try not to let your hips fall to the floor.

Feet: keep them close. It will be hard to keep balance which will increase the pressure on the stomach muscles.

Legs: they should be firm and tight, otherwise, the pressure on the stomach muscle that holds the lumbar part of the back, will also be low.

Lower back: tighten your glutes and don’t loosen until the end of the exercise, because this way you increase the activation of all the lower stomach muscles.

Back: the best moment. To do this the right way, the back should be firm. This means it must not be rounded or bended. Imagine that your back is leaned to the wall.

Stomach: draw your stomach in and keep it that way but don’t hold your breath.

Elbows: to avoid unnecessary pressure on the shoulders put your elbows right under the shoulders.

Keep this position as long as you can. 10 seconds for start are enough. According to the rules, people with different physical readiness can keep this position from 2 seconds to 10 minutes.

After this make a pause of 2 minutes and repeat the exercise.

5 repetitions are enough. If you are a beginner, don’t try to break the record, start easy.

It is very important to do this every day in the same day.

Advantages of the plank exercise

Strong back: during this exercise the lower back muscles are active, also the muscles in the neck and shoulders. Also, this exercise can serve as a prevention of osteoporosis in the area of the neck and the pelvis. Besides that, you will get rid of the pain in your shoulders and between the scapulas caused by carrying weight or sitting for a long time.

Stretched legs: most of the weight in this exercise falls to the legs. All the muscles in the legs are involved – from the hips to the toes. You shouldn’t worry if you feel your muscles shake, it means that they are active.

Fit glutes: the exercise is oriented to the glutes muscles and back side of the legs. This way, not only that you will strengthen your glutes but also get rid of the cellulite.

Firm hands: it is obvious that with the legs, the hands are also active and trained. Half of the body weight is on the hands.

Firm stomach: when all the body is active, the stomach muscles are also activated. The lower are active as much as the upper and the side muscles.

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