Get Rid of This Bone Deformity in 10 Days


Valgus is a deformity of the joint at the base of the thumb and is often caused by wearing tight, uncomfortable shoes and high heels. This phenomenon can be inherited but in most cases it is formed as a result of wearing improper shoes. The valgus deformity sometimes may develop arthritis.

Get Rid of This Bone Deformity in 10 Days  01

Women are especially prone to develop this deformity. Nine out of ten women commonly develop valgus throughout life. While it is not always painful, this deformity can affect your quality of life.

The foot is quite unattractive, but more importantly, it is a real problem to find appropriate shoes. Women with this deformity usually can’t afford the beautiful shoes or high heels from the store window, because it is “mission impossible” for them.

Surgery is always a possible option, but these effective folk remedies will also help to get rid of the valgus in a painless way.

Bay leaf tea

Put a spoonful of ground bay leaf in 300ml of water. Leave it to boil for 5 minutes and then put the liquid in thermos. Leave it overnight. Drink the tea in the morning on an empty stomach. It is important to drink it sip by sip, not all at once. This treatment should be repeated 3 days, but always prepare it fresh. Repeat after one week.

One of the results will be frequent urinating, thereby expelling salts from the body.

In ten days only after the first application of this treatment you will notice the first visible improvements. Besides that, you will feel much better, and the pain in the joint will also disappear. The valgus will disappear completely if you use the treatment regularly for 2 months.

Bay leaf layers

Take five big bay leaves, slice them finely and put them in 100ml of 96% alcohol. Leave it to stay for one week.

Put a spoonful of baking soda in a basin with 3 l water. Put your feet in it, soak them till they become soft. Then wipe them with a towel, and apply the layer of the mixture. Put on cotton socks and spend the night in them.

Iodine and aspirin mixed together can also be extremely useful for treating joint pain, valgus and similar bony growths.

Alternative medicine to reduce the inflammation

The plain soap is a popular folk medicine that successfully relieves inflammation and pain caused by valgus.

1.Take plain soap and grate it.

2.Make a gentle massage with the soap.

3.Rinse the affected area and dry your feet with a towel.

4.Put on a little iodine and put cotton socks on.

5.Repeat this treatment for 30 days.

Also, you can use combination of equal amounts of iodine and lemon juice.

Treatment with clay

Buy medical clay from the pharmacy or healthy food store. Mix the clay with water and make a mixture to a paste – like consistency. Heat it (or use warm water), then put it on the affected area with thickness of 1-2 cm. if you find medical clay in original consistency, then only heat it and use it the same way. Leave it for 40 minutes, then rinse. This is best done in the evening and usually 15 application are enough.

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