Golden Nectar, More than Special!

Golden Nectar, More than Special!

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Today’s medicine agrees with the statement that honey is more than special, but only if it meets two conditions that is all natural, no additives, and it is squeezed in cold or hot, and not fused, it is subjected to temperatures higher than 60 degrees Celsius (some scholars limit is already at 50 degrees).

If honey is shoddy, not worth spending a word about it, even as an ingredient, and if it is too heated, causing the loss of ferments (invertase, diastase, catalase, acid phosphatase, etc.). When this happens, the honey becomes only calorie foods, but a cure is no longer. You must know that every natural honey crystallizes and that he did not defect. In folk medicine, honey is recommended for healthy and sick persons, as a means of strengthening and gaining immunity. Special biostimulant honey becomes when “affiliated” with pollen, propolis and royal jelly.

Traditional medicine acknowledges honey as a remedy for wounds and ulcers, it is found that has antibiotic action, thanks to the high possibilities of releasing hydrogen peroxide. It is proved that honey excites the appetite, which is extremely important for children who are skinny and for convalescents. Modern science has confirmed that honey lowers elevated acidity of gastric juice and is therefore beneficial as a means to treat gastritis and ulcers of the stomach and duodenum.

A glass of hot water or lemon balm tea with honey, seldom wise bedtime soothing and cures insomnia. Suffering from hepatitis recommended complete replacement refined sugar with honey, because it much easier to absorb the liver. Numerous studies by different authors have shown that babies who receive daily honey do better, faster, gain weight and suffer less frequently, and are particularly resistant to cold. Honey is also recommended for children who are shoddy food, as supported by the fermentation and contributes to the normalization of bowel microflora.

And can be administered to premature infants and neonates, babies who have jaundice. This store comprises of 65 to 70 percent glucose and fructose, and only two to five percent sucrose. In addition to sugar, honey contains dextrins, formic acid, B vitamins, essential oils and residues of pollen. Why honey has a high energy value? Glucose from honey almost instantaneously reabsorbed from the digestive organs and into the blood, and from it into the cells, where it is metabolized. Another ingredient of honey, fructose is gradually resorbed. It goes without saying that it is indispensable to the Christmas holiday table, as a symbol of health and well-being, and to be used for the preparation of various types of cakes.

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