Goldfish Exercises – Rescue For Your Spine


The health of the spine is very important for the health of the whole body.

The famous Japanese teacher Kacudzho Hishi has always spoken about the cause of all diseases should be searched in the spine. He recommended the goldfish exercise to all to practice daily. This exercise strengthens the spine and has a positive influence on the general health condition of the human.


What is the uniqueness of this activity?

The Goldfish exercise brings the nerves in term that exit the spine and relieves them from pressure, but it also regulates the psychological functions of all systems and organs, leads to coordination of the work of the external and internal nervous system, improves the blood supply to every cell in the body, improves the posture and keeps you upright, it increases blood circulation.

In addition, it improves the function of the intestines, liver, kidneys, skin, heart and brain.

For maximum effect, the exercise is performed in the morning and evening, starting with one minute gradually bringing the time to 3 minutes. The result will be perceived in a few days and your body will thank you. You will love this exercise.

Starting position: lie on your back on the floor face up, arms stretched as much as you can behind the head, your legs should be fully upright and your feet at right angles to the body, toe fingers should tend to the face all the time. Heels and hips supported on the floor (especially the under knee part).

Before starting the exercise stretch several times while counting to 7 and gently stretch your back varios on various sides. Bring the heel of the right foot forward on the floor, stretch yourself with both hands on the opposite direction. Then, do it on the left side (bring the left heel toward the floor and stretch your hands in the opposite direction). Repeat this 5-7 times on each heel and both hands.

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