“Green light” for Diet Intended for Heart Patients with Overweight!

“Green light” for Diet Intended for Heart Patients with Overweight!

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Diet intended for heart sick patients with exceeding body weight, which is necessary to quickly rid of excess pounds, recently received the “green light” for all those who are working to tangle. Especially for those who are 10 to 15 pounds more than they should.

With help of this diet you can lost 4-7 pounds for a week, but the most accurate estimate to weaken to 10 pounds in a month. It was confirmed that this is a diet that melts fat, so it is most effective for those who are fatter.

This seven-day plan can be applied as often as desired. If properly implemented, this diet will simultaneously and to purify the body.

The basis of this diet is the “magic soup” that is eaten at any time of the day, always when you feel hungry. It is low in calories, so the more you eat more you lose weight. However, must not eating only soup,to prevent malnutrition.After a seven-day dietary regimen, do two days break, so you can start again from scratch.


“The magic soup”

– 6 major strands of leek
– 2 peppers woodlice
– Greater cabbage head
– Celery root
– salt
– pepper
– curry
– Tomato juice or ketchup

Finely chop the vegetables, cover with water to wallow and cook on low heat until vegetables are tender. Toward the end of cooking add spices to taste and cook another two to three minutes. Add tomato juice (ketchup) when pour into dish. NOTE: Cook greater amount of soup that is not you getting ready every day, but only warm it the soup.


On the first day, eat only soup and fruit, are prohibited only bananas. Can you drink water and unsweetened teas.


Eat as much as you want soup and vegetables . Choose “greens” and stay away from beans and corn. For lunch, eat a larger baked potato with butter.


The third day is a “mix” the previous two. Eat as much as you want soup, fruits and vegetables (except potatoes).


In addition to the obligatory soup, eat six bananas and drink as much as you want skim milk. Banana contains a lot of calories and carbohydrates, as well as milk, but just on this day, the body needed calcium and carbohydrates as well as protein and potassium to reduce the desire for sweets.


Can you eat 300g of beef and six fresh tomatoes. Beef steaks with mustard and with a little olive oil and water, for a long time cook on low heat. Meat and tomatoes will heighten gastric acid, so it is essential to drink as much water. Eat the soup at least once during the day.


Today eat more soup, and meat and vegetables as you want. You can eat even two or three steaks grilled. All except potato!


Besides the “magic soup”, today eat integral rice. Previus days fill with water and leave for the night the rice, the next day, rinse it and then cover with water and cook on low heat until water is absorbed. In addition to eating rice and vegetables of your choice, drink water or unsweetened fruit juices, and be sure to eat the soup at least once.

Alcohol is banned

Diet has to be interrupted for at least 24 hours before drinking alcohol. Because the digestive system is different from person to person, and a diet that will have an individual effect. After three days you will have more energy than when you started the diet. Already after a few days you will feel the changes in the gastrointestinal tract. So eat a cup of yogurt with two to three tablespoons of bran. Although you can drink black coffee, after the third day that you will no longer feel the need for it.

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