Green Tea Diet : The Result is -2kg in One Day!


If you want fast and simple way to reduce fat and prepare for the spring, then this diet may be the right choice for you.

The green tea diet with milk is a new idea that gives real results, and is mostly recommended to those who want to get rid of the excessive amount of water in the body.


This diet is practiced one day and mostly two days a month.

You can lose one or two kilograms a day with the help of this diet.

If you have even a small health problem, consult a doctor before starting this diet.


1,5l milk (non-fat)

2 teaspoons of green tea leafs


Boil the milk and cool it to 70 degrees, then add the green tea leafs.

Close and leave them for 20 minutes. Filter the milk afterwards.

Drink one cup of the mixture every two hours during the day.

Meanwhile you can drink only water.

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