He Beat Cancer: They Gave Him 18 Months Of Life, And He Was Completely Cured With This Recipe!


Cannabis oil saved his life?

At the age 32, David Hibit from Staffordshire, UK, got ill from tumor. He refused chemotherapy at the time the doctors informed him that according to their prognosis – he has only 18 months to live. “I felt that chemotherapy only kills me further and estimated that I have nothing to lose” said HIbit. “I couldn’t accept the fact that I’m going to die”.


His friends had already found out that a few people of his district are cured using cannabis oil. At first, he rejected this option:  “I’ve never consumed drugs” – he explained.

In 2013 he underwent radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery of the colon, but none of these stopped the progression of cancer. After all, he was ready to try something new, so the cannabis oil was  areal goal.

After 18 months of treatment, his doctors declared him healthy, at least for now.

From the “Cancer research Centre” in UK, they say there is no insight into how many people are using the cannabis oil extract in their treatment and there are still no reliable evidence” which ensures that the use of cannabis is a safe and effective therapy for cancer.

However, those who were cured, hoping that the official medicine still gave cannabis because it is clear that this herb deserves it.

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