He Decided to Give Up from Coffeе for a Month: Here is What Happened to His Body

He Decided to Give Up from Coffeе for a Month: Here is What Happened to His Body

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Leo Babauta decided to do experiments in order to examine and improve health. For starters, he decided to give up from the coffee for a month and drinks with caffeine.

Leo admits that it was difficult and almost unimaginable and had several desperate attempts to breach the experiment. Expect withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches and fever, but was surprised because there was nothing than expected. Leo often waking sleep much earlier than alarm and was concentrated from early morning.


His only problem was the smell of coffee. When viewed as other drink coffee had that desire as you smelled coffee cup. But it served.

The biggest problem he had on oily and spicy meals. The thirst slaked with water, but he needed a strong coffee after a meal. The combination of fat and spices obvious trap is that you should avoid if you want to give up coffee.

What happened after just one month without coffee?

Leo says: I thought that my cancellation will be much more difficult than it really was. But to have a habit that will replace the morning and afternoon coffee really helps.

When you are focused on mental sacrifice you make, Treat yourself to a cup of hot tea and tasty. A piece of pizza or muffins? Why not?

Another important thing – know that the needs and instincts are current, even the strongest ones.

It is helpful if you say to somebody in the public about your challenge.

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