This Is How To Heal Cavities (A TRUE “WE’VE DONE IT” STORY!)


I want to have ‘’natural’’ brand toothpaste. Even if we are making this toothpaste home there are some ingredients that need to be eliminated substances like sweeteners, fluoride and glycerin and so on.

Healing Cavities (A True 'We've-Done-It!' Story!)2

The food that we eat has so much more affection on the teeth than the ingredients we scrub them with. We made a research and we found out that some people are not using toothpaste. So we made an experiment about washing your teeth only with water! And it seemed to work fine.

Using a coconut oil instead of toothpaste:

When you use coconut oil which is anti-bacterial this makes sense.

‘’ I loved how my teeth felt on this new cleansing routine—I felt it reduced plaque and made my teeth stronger. Within a month, all sensitivity I’d been experiencing in my lower molars was gone. So, I quit toothpaste, and replaced it with oil pulling, and my teeth have never been healthier.’’

Coconut oil is used for toothache also. This is proven by Mr. Holden.

He began oil pulling faithfully every morning, as well as taking cod liver oil .

‘’Within 3 days, he said the pain was gone. And a month later, after oil pulling 5-6 times a week, I looked in his mouth, and his tooth was—are you ready for this? White. White with a bit of yellow, but the black and green and brown were all gone, and the surface of the tooth was smoothing out instead of being pitted.’’ – said his wife.

How To Oil Pull With Coconut Oil Scoop about 2 tsp. of coconut oil out of your jar and pop it in your mouth. Chew or hold the oil in your mouth till it melts and becomes liquid (takes about 30 seconds). Start swishing, pulling the oil back and forth and sideways through all your teeth. Swish for 20 min., spitting the oil out (into the trash) when you’re finished.

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