Heal The Cracks, Calluses, Hard Deposits And Rough Skin On Your Feet With This Recipe!


We will suggest you e prescription for pain in the heels my neighbor used to use and she says it is extremely effective.

If you have cracks, calluses or bunions, rough skin on the heels and hard deposits on the feet, this procedure will be also effective.


My neighbor is 57 years old, and her feet are like a twenty year old girl’s.


Grind 10 tablets of aspirin (300mg) in powder and pour 250ml of brandy (or 79% medical alcohol) over it and leave it to stay for 1-2 days. Mix the tincture every night and dip a piece of folded gauze in it. Wrap the gauze on the heels (calluses, feet), wrap a nylon bag around it and put on a sock. Leave it overnight. In the morning, wash it with water, wipe and apply a fatty cream for legs or glycerin. After 10 treatments, your feet will be cleaned and clear of rough skin and fat.

Also, the feet can be cleaned using a brush or stone for heels, and then rubbed with cream.

You can use this tincture for varicose veins also. After rubbing, the pain disappears immediately.

You can also rub spots where osteochondrosis occurs (precipitation of salt).

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