How With The Help of the Leaves of Aloe Vera Can Cure Ovarian Cysts!

How With The Help of the Leaves of Aloe Vera Can Cure Ovarian Cysts!

- in General, Natural Remedy

Many answers to various diseases will reveal natural medicine.
Cyst on the ovary is very difficult to cure, but with natural remedies you can do it now!
For this natural remedy you need leaves of aloe vera that you need to put in the refrigerator for two weeks.

Afterwards, small scrub and squeeze the juice out of them. Honey mix aloe juice.
The ratio should be 1: 1 (squeeze as much as a spoonful of aloe so tablespoon honey). Keep in the fridge mixture.


For the treatment:

Heat a teaspoon of these shifts, take plain buffer that dip into the mixture.
After that put a tampon in the vagina and hold overnight.

For a better treatment effect on ovarian cysts, try another way: While the leaves of aloe in a refrigerator, and passing their bio-stimulation phase, using freshly scrubbed root camphor, whose juice can be mixed with honey in the same proportions (1: 1) and dip a tampon in this mixture and insert into the vagina overnight. (You can also use camphanic oil.)

Camphor is-white, crystalline substance of a strong, pungent odor, derived from the evergreen camphor tree. The first ten days should put tampons with camphor and honey, and thereafter followed ten days break. This is followed by ten days of using tampons with a mixture of honey and aloe juice. Try to help the menstrual cycle comes during the day breaks, because during menstruation tampons with this natural remedy is not to be used.

With this drug can completely heal the wounds of the cervix, infertility and other women’s diseases.

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