Here Comes the GMO Potato With no “Bruises”!

Here Comes the GMO Potato With no “Bruises”!

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Raising potatoes that are genetically modified for not having bruises and produce less bad chemicals while frying, has been approved on the American market.

The American government has also approved the produce of two types of genetically modified apples resistant to poisoning.


“These products are safe and nutritive like all the traditional kinds” is said in the announcement from the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), reports France Press.

Making this decision the raise of six kinds of potatoes has been approved, known as innate potatoes on the market, produced by the J.R Simplot Company in Idaho.

“The approved types of potatoes, besides being resistant to bruises, they also produce less acryl amid, a chemical that is being produced by some products while boiling or frying them, and which is stated to be cancer causing”, as reported in the announcement by FDA.

FDA also approved the raise of two kinds of genetically modified apples resistant to poisoning, known as “arctic apples” to the Canadian Company “Ocanagan Specialty”.

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