Here Is How Much Weight Should You Actually Have, According By Your Height!


This is not just esthetical problem but it is indeed one big health problem of course. The fat can jeopardize your health and can cause many blood problems. See how much weight you need in relation to your height.

However the table below will show you the number of pounds and you will see if it is time to diet again.


There are several ways to determine the ideal body weight and the most popular is the one called “Body mass index”. The experts warn that this method is universal so it cannot be applied to all because each person has different construction. For example there are girls who are naturally slim build or ones who exercised and have broad shoulders.

Take in mind that the weight never goes in same direction as health. It is important to combine a healthy diet and regular exercises. You can actually lose some weight by dieting but your muscles will lose their mass and this is not the correct way of losing.


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