Here’s What Happens to an Organism When You Stop Smoking!

Here’s What Happens to an Organism When You Stop Smoking!

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You have decided to quit smoking? What happens in your body, but in the first 20 minutes is amazing. Of course, the process differs from person to person.

In the first 20 minutes your blood pressure, body temperature and pulse return to normal.
After eight hours of non-smoking tobacco odor disappears. Oxygen levels returned to normal.
Within 24 hours the risk of heart attack decreases.


Within two days of your nerve endings begin to regroup. The ability to taste and smell improves. For the sense of taste sensation is like a black and white television moved to that color.
Within three days easier to breathe. You can walk and run faster.

After two to three months of quitting smoking improves circulation to you. Walking becomes easier. Lung capacity increases by 30 percent.
In the time from the first to the ninth month of quitting smoking reduces sinus congestion and shortness of breath. Energy increases.
Five years after quitting smoking you reduce by 50 percent the risk of falling ill from lung cancer, pancreatic or esophageal. You cut the risk of stroke

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