Here’s Why You Should Not Throw the Water in Which You Have Boiled the Rice

Here’s Why You Should Not Throw the Water in Which You Have Boiled the Rice

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If you haven’t yet heard of this ancient medicine, now is the time to get to know all its medical and cosmetic advantages. So, this means, use the water in which you have boiled the rice.

More energy, healthier skin and shinier hair, are just some of the goods you get by using this old Chinese recipe that is becoming more and more popular in the modern west civilizations.

You will reach to a point of healthy body and flawless skin by using only these two cheap ingredients – rice and water.


Medical advantages:

-gives energy

-successfully stops gastroenteritis

-a great cancer prevention

-regulates the blood pressure

-regulates the body temperature

-stops and cures obstipation

Cosmetic advantages:

-washing your face with this water, softens the skin

-great tonic

-decreases the pores

-makes the hair shiny and healthier


You may have heard that the water in which the rice was boiled, and the water in which it was rinsed are the same, but this is not true. That water could be used also, but you won’t get everything you need, because the real rice water is made in the following way:

Boil the rice in more quantity of water than usual. Press out the excess quantity of water, and make the launch from the rest.

The water made this way is the real rice water. You can drink it warm or leave it to cool, and then use it for hair or skincare. If you choose to drink it, it is best to take it on an empty stomach, before the meal.

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