Here’s Why You Will Freeze Your Lemon From Now On!

Here’s Why You Will Freeze Your Lemon From Now On!

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The lemon crust contains 5 to 10 more times vitamins than the plain lemon juice.The new science study has shown that lemonoids, natural compounds contained in the lemon and other agrumes, prevent and energetically stop the development of the cancer cells, especially the breast cancer.

The scientists point out that nothing from the lemon should be thrown away, not the juice, nor the seeds and especially not the crust.


The lemon crust contains 5 to 10 times more vitamins than the plane lemon juice

Other than the anticancer efficacy, the whole lemon helps for releasing toxins from the body, has antimicrobial effect against the bacteria and fungus, it’s effective against intern parasites and worms, it regulates blood pressure, works as an antidepressant, and it’s great in the fight against stress and neuro disorders.

In the following way you can enjoy in the whole taste of the lemon, especially his crust and not only for medical reasons, but also for the pleasure of your palates.

It’s very simple: take home-grown, not sprinkled lemon, wash it well and put it in the freezer (whole or cut into slices).

After the lemon freezes, take it out from the fridge and shred it.Then, you can put it in salad, ice cream, soup, grains, in your favorite drink or whatever that you please.

What you will experience is a whole new taste that all the cells of your tongue will enjoy in, and your organism will thank you with health.

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