Home-made Face Powder


Choosing the perfect face powder is every woman’s problem. The shades are either too bright or too dark and almost impossible to one shade that fits exactly to you. If you’re one of those women, and you would finally like to have a foundation that suits you, well, you’ve found the answer. Here we bring you some interesting tips and tricks to make a powder at home.


Loose powder can be easily made with this recipe.

The natural ingredients will feed your face, give it shine and hide any imperfections better than ordinary powder from the supermarket.

All you need for its preparation is the corn flour (starch), instead you can use white plain flour, cornstarch, cocoa powder or chocolate powder, cinnamon, vanilla and French green clay.


Put two tablespoons of the flour, white or corn, in a bowl. Add from the other ingredients according to your skin color, e.g. cocoa powder is recommended if you have darker shade of the face, and is designed for darker colored women.

Vanilla is brighter for women for who have such shade of tan. If your skin is slightly yellow, the ginger would be ideal to neutralize the color and there will be no trace of application.

While mixing the powder you should study it and the shade that suits you. Add the ingredients to reach your skin color. Dip your finger in the dust, apply it on the skin (face, finger, hand) and see the if there are any crossings on light. If the foundation is blended with your natural skin color, then this shade is good for you.

It can me mixed with essential oil or fragrance oil, body lotion, body milk or moisturizer for the face. The olive oil is great in combination with the powder, only in small quantities, as your face wouldn’t oil that much. Keep the powder in a clean container, close it well and you can use it for several months.

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