Home-Made Remedies For Painful and Dry Feet…

Home-Made Remedies For Painful and Dry Feet…

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Home-made remedies for painful and dry feet aren’t for grandmas only. Let’s face it, you love high heel shoes, as every other woman, but after wearing them your toes hurt and they are full of vesicles. That’s why we prepared a couple of home-made solutions that can ease these problems.



Vinegar bath

This bath is one of the simplest home-made cures for feet pain. Fill your wash-basin with warm water, add a small quantity of washing-up liquid and a glass of alcoholic vinegar. After only half an hour, your feet should be less tumid and dry. After vinegar bath wash your feet immediately.

Sodium bicarbonate bath

Another effective home-made remedy for feet hurt is this amazing bath with sodium bicarbonate

This is amazing bath with sodium bicarbonate is another effective home-made remedy for feet hurt. It has similar effect as the vinegar, except the fact that bath doesn’t smell. You need half a glass of sodium bicarbonate water and 4l of warm water. Simple, isn’t it? Mix until the sodium bicarbonate dissolves and keep your feet in it for half an hour.

Socks effect

The problems with hurt and dry feet intensify in the cold seasons. The cure is lotions and socks. Put on your favorite lotion, vaseline or olive oil before going to bed. Put on your socks and you will have soft and smooth feet in the morning.

Menthol oil

This remedy is really great. The quality menthol oil works in a way that it eliminates bacteria and refreshes the tired and hurt feet. Put on the oil and rub your feet well. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult with your doctor first.


Put porridge mixed with jojoba oil on your feet and let it work for half an hour, then rinse it off.


There is nothing easier than this. Take ice from the fridge, put it on your feet, raise them up and relax. With keeping your feet up the accumulated liquid in your feet is pulled out and this stops swelling.


We all know how fruit and vegetables are great for us and our health, including our feet. For example, a cucumber put directly on our feet pulls out the liquid that is responsible for swelling. Food that contains vitamin E is also effective. Besides this, drink a lot of water and avoid salt maximally.


The last, but not the least cure for feet hurt is the massage. In the end, who doesn’t want a good massage? So, put on massage oil and get your man to rub. This will relieve the pain and swelling, and it feels so good!

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