Home-made Super Piling Against Cellulite: Coffee, Salt And Coconut Oil Will Do Miracles For Your Circulation!


The cellulite is one of the women’s greatest enemies and almost every woman on Earth has it.

When the warm weather arrives and we pack our winter clothes in the closet, the problem called cellulite becomes greater and greater. Until we arrive at the beach, we want to make it less visible, so that is why you need to start the fight against cellulite right away.


With the help of a lotion against cellulite, exercising and drinking great quantities of water, you most certainly need a quality pilling that will improve the circulation and make the unwanted holes on your but and thighs less visible. This is a simple version of a pilling that can be made at home.

You will need only three ingredients for this pilling – grounded coffee, grounded sea salt and coconut oil. It smells delicious.

How to prepare:

Add the coconut oil and the salt to the grinded coffee and mix it all together well.

How to use:

Rub the mixture on dry skin with a natural fiber brush before shower. Rub it on the problematic areas in which way you improve the circulation and prepare the skin to soak in the ingredients of the pilling.

During the shower, massage the pilling on wet skin. The longer you massage. The results will be better: the caffeine from the coffee will improve the circulation and tighten the skin, the sea salt will make an intensive pilling, and the coconut oil will nourish it and make it softer.

Don’t forget to rub in the pilling every morning before you take shower.

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