Homemade Remedy, against Bacteria Escherichia coli!

Homemade Remedy, against Bacteria Escherichia coli!

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A great recipe, home remedy, against Escherichia coli. Conventional drugs to fight these bacteria quite often fail, so we recommend that you first try yourself treatment with these natural methods, and then, if necessary, to use pharmaceutical preparations. Of course, the treatment done through consultation with your personal physician.

To prepare the medication you need 30 pieces of watermelon seeds, and one liter of water.


Place the pot in water and seeds of watermelon. Leave the pot on the fire to boil water, and let boil for about 10 minutes. Remove the pot from the heat and let it cool. When the contents of the pot has cooled, pour the liquid into a bottle and store it in the fridge. This fluid using squashes juices and other drinks that require water.

Daily drink 2-3 liters of fluid, and if you do not want to mix, then you can drink it alone, without supplements.

Treatment of Escherichia coli is a process that takes a long time, so you are advised to keep the said drug, and to be vigilant.

Do not be discouraged by the fact that Escherichia coli can be treated and a half year, or even longer.

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