Honey – Is It Possible That It Is So Healthy?


The honey has been used as a sweetener since always. But, have you ever questioned yourself how is it possible that something so sweet can be so good for you? We bring you a couple of information after which you will easily reach to your morning spoon of health!


Source of vitamins and minerals

The honey contains incredibly important vitamins and minerals. It is a source of vitamin C that strengthens the immune system, and also it contains calcium which makes the bones stronger. It contains iron, useful for the cardiovascular system.

It can enlarge the number of erythrocytes

Water mixed with honey can enlarge the number of red blood cells, and by that the ability of the body to refuse bacteria and illnesses. Also, it all together improves the energy and it can lead to bigger productivity.

A great sugar alternative

It is inevitable that the honey contains sugar. But, the kind of sugar it contains is different from the one we put in the coffee in the morning. We won’t bother you with chemical structures, but we will only tell you that the sugar in the honey is a lot healthier than the one we are used to.

Very useful for our health

It has antibacterial properties, and it can be used for disinfection. It has an ability to reduce Escherichia and salmonella, and is useful for treating other illnesses like asthma.

The honey is a pro-biotic

It can also be used as a pro-biotic. Don’t mix it with other pro-biotic, like the yoghurt that contains healthy bacteria. Pro-biotic is useful as a bacteria food and improves the number of good bacteria in our body.

It is good for our skin

Softens the skin illnesses, like dermatitis. The usage of honey on damaged skin is shown as good – the honey calms down the itching. Also, it is good for dandruff.

It’s an alternative cure for cough

It calms down the cough, especially at children. Calms down the irritated parts and keeps them from further infections. The usage of honey calms down the pain in the throat and it is especially good to take it before sleeping.

Gives you energy

It is known that if professional athletes take one spoon of honey for fast regeneration. As we said before, it has positive effect on red blood cells and the oxygen level. It is very clear, more oxygen means more energy.

Honey helps in cancer protection

It contains many flavonoids that lower the risk of some kinds of cancer. It is not clinically proven that it lowers the risk of all kinds, but consuming honey has shown results at some smokers.

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