How did life before vaccination look like?

How did life before vaccination look like?

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The growing number of diseases outbreaks around the world, were being counted as extinct thanks to the good vaccination of the population, but the antagonists of vaccination advocate a world that would not vaccinate their children. In their minds, vaccines are poisonous, dangerous and can cause serious neurological illnesses.

Besides that, they forget that not so long ago we used to live in a world just like that, caused by e very simple reason – the vaccination did not exist. Because of that, let’s see how life in Croatia and in the world looked like without vaccines.


Even though the antagonists of the vaccination count measles as harmless disease, they should be reminded that in the time before vaccination for measles in USA have died hundreds of people whose death have been caused by complications connected with this illness (e.g. encephalitis- inflammation of brain cells). Although encephalitis occurs as one in a hundred cases of measles, every 3000 dies from measles complications. Today it may not sound appalling, but it is to be known that before vaccination almost every human in USA suffered from measles. Besides that, around 5% suffering from measles get pneumonia, which nowadays can not be counted as a harmless condition.

According to the data in the American Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, from the measles outbreak in 1964-65, 12,5 million Americans died, of which 2000 were babies, and 11 000 spontaneous miscarriages were spotted. In comparison to that in 2012 in USA there were only 9 cases of measles. When we remind ourselves of the more serious illnesses, like diphtheria, it should me mentioned that from this disease only in 1921 in USA 15000 people died. After the mass vaccination for diphtheria it was almost completely gone and from 2004 until now there was only one case. Let us remind ourselves, diphtheria can cause neuritis and myocarditis and in case of complications the mortality is from 5 to 10 %.

What was the condition in Croatia before the mass vaccination practice? For example, there were hundreds of people dying from diphtheria yearly, and from complications with measles tens of children a year. Every year, before the vaccines occurred tens of active men have died from tetanus, a disease that have been uprooted with the use of vaccines, yearly have also died tens of children and the same number have developed lasting invalidity.

In the researches of the Croatian Institute for Public Health there are flowcharts that can be seen which clearly show how effective vaccination has uprooted heavy diseases in Croatia. There is another preview of all the undesired consequences of the vaccination in 2012, that show how safe the modern vaccines are.

We can count these evidences long, but they all prove to one thing: fantasies of the antagonists of the vaccines for a world where no one will get a vaccine aren’t only a lack of knowledge, but also disastrously dangerous.

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