How The Gluten Harms Your Thyroid Gland


The hormones are regulators of your body that control every cell. Each hormone, to be used in the organism has to be tied to its receptor which is in the cell membranes. For example, the receptor in the thyroid gland can unlock the hormone of the thyroid gland and nothing else.


Thyroid gland: queen of all hormones

There are only two types of receptors stationed in every cell of our organism: the thyroid receptor and the vitamin D receptor. Simply said, every cell of our body depends on the thyroid gland, which affects our health in many ways. If the thyroid gland hormones don’t function on an optimal level, then even the rest of our body won’t work in the same level. More than 250 million people in the world suffer from hypothyroidism i.e. insufficient secretion of the hormones of the thyroid gland, and one of 8 women faces problems with the thyroid gland throughout her life.

Gluten and the thyroid gland

Most of the problems caused by insufficient secretion of the thyroid gland can be found on the spectrum of auto-immune diseases, we need to understand the reason of the immune system attacking the thyroid gland. What happens is the change of identity, and gluten is one of the main perpetrators.

When gluten, a protein found in wheat and other grains, passes through the wall of our intestines and goes in our bloodstream, the immune system will mark it as a corpus alienum (foreign body) and the antibodies will start to attack it. The problem is that the immune system can mark the thyroid gland as a foreign body also by replacing it with the gluten and the result is attack on the thyroid gland.

Gluten intolerance isn’t only a cell problem

When we talk about gluten intolerance, most of the people think about the cell illness, but this is just one of the many manifestations of gluten intolerance. Researches show that only 10% of the people eith cell disease, have gluten intolerance. Approximately every 20th person in the world has non-cell gluten intolerance. Even though most of the people with auto immune disease avoid gluten consummation for a couple of weeks, after this period they also quit using it (because they are not sure if this protein is the cause for their problems). The researches have shown that in order for our organism to rehabilitate from the inflammatory response, it needs 6 weeks.

What to do if you doubt having problems with gluten? Think about the next 4 things:

  1. Gluten intolerance full testing
  2. Test for intestine health
  3. Complete test for the thyroid gland function
  4. Avoiding other causers (artificial sweeteners, smoking, stress)

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