How To Balance What You Eat During The Day!

How To Balance What You Eat During The Day!

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A healthy diet is the path we have to follow in order to preserve health, increased work capacity and prolong the active life expectancy. A man of your first cell grows thanks to food intake.
Whether we are healthy or sick, whether we are well built, if we have healthy teeth – all that matters depends on the diet. For a healthy human, we need to eat healthy food.


The consequences of the wrong food to contemporary man are visible: they are more frequent and massive heart and blood vessel diseases, stomach and intestine, the number of degenerative and malignant diseases. It is known that many of these diseases are a direct result of malnutrition and that can be prevented and cured by a return to a healthy natural diet. The progress of civilization has led to the pollution of our environment: air, water, food – what everyday adversely affects our body.

Since we lost the instinct that once helped us to choose healthy foods, not even grown ups to strengthen the body to fight against a variety of pathogens. Lack of vitamins and minerals (Fe, Mg, Ca, Se …) impairs the defense system of the body, which is favorable to the development of many diseases, the most ordinary flu, to those most serious, such as cancer and AIDS, which are increasingly affecting the young,

Food processing insensible

Destroying us too much processed foods, often elderly, deprived, vital factors, for example. White sugar and white flour, then the lack of cereals, cold or expeller pressed oils at high temperatures, the use of excessive, fat, meat, canned insufficient amount of fresh vegetables and fruits (which rids us of vitamins, minerals and oligo elements essential for normal functioning of the organism).

These are all mistakes that we make on a daily basis in preparing our daily meals. It is certain that many health disorders favorably affect the normalization, or change of diet – restoring healthy natural foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Each of us will, then, by dietary able to protect his body from disease, to take from nature what is best and to provide their children happily future.

Savvy, not a calculator

It is not necessary on a daily basis, on a calculator, count, calories or measure portions. It is necessary to eat smart, be entered, a variety of foods in their natural form as in an amount that will be in an ideal proportion to our consumption and that will allow the body weight is maintained in ideal proportions. The basic principle is that the food you consume as much food as the body needs, because it is equally not before nor surplus or deficit of calories. Feeding each individual must be adapted to his health, possible disease, age and activities.

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